Dawnbringer by Samantha Henderson

I was looking forward to Dawnbringer because I really enjoyed her previous book Heaven’s Bones: A Novel of the Mists (Ravenloft: the Covenant). Ms. Henderson has a fantastic writing style which builds a story, layer upon layer, guiding the reader through an intricate labyrinth of multiple timelines and characters, deftly woven into an fantastic story.

This book had a different Realms feel but this is one of the book’s positives. It certainly has the various familiar Realms locations, but the story is very unique. I would like to expand on the plot and even give a brief summary but I fear in doing this I would give away some of the wonder of this book. Suffice to say that the synopsis does not do this book justice.

If you are looking for a unique, standalone Realms novel, look no further than Dawnbringer.

The artwork is enough to buy the book outright. There must have been a different cover designer for Dawnbringer as it does not look like some of the others that are being released this year. Yet another unique point that sets Dawnbringer apart. I hope to see more Realms novels from Ms. Henderson.