Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig

Miriam Black has a unique ability, one she would be just as happy without. Through skin-to-skin contact she can tell exactly when someone will die and in graphic detail, down to the day, hour, minute, and second.  She scavenges from the dead to fund her nomadic lifestyle, drifting from place to place, always on the […]

The Best of the Realms III: The Stories of Elaine Cunningham by Elaine Cunningham

The Best of the Realms: The Stories of Elaine Cunningham by Elaine Cunningham I was cleaning and rearranging my bookshelves last night when I came across this book and several hours later (no further cleaning of bookshelves occured) I put it back on the shelf, gently read once more. Re-reading a book is like visiting […]

The Darkwood Mask by Jeff Lasala

The Darkwood Mask by Jeff LaSala The Darkwood Mask is the fourth (and final) book in the Inquisitives series set in the world of Eberron. The Darkwood Mask is a murder mystery with twists and turns and exciting sub-plots which make it a great story. This is Mr. LaSala’s first published book but it read […]