Supporting Authors Through the Library

I love my local public library.  I frequent my local library more than any other place in the city.  I drop by the local branch several times a week to pick up books I have reserved and do a quick browse on my way home from work.  Saturday’s are special though, it is the one day of the week I go to just browse.  I grew up in a small town and the closest library was one town over.  My mother used to drop me off there while she ran her errands and did the grocery shopping.  That tradition has carried over into my adult life as well.  Most Saturday’s include a trip to the library where I leave with a stack of books.   It is the best bookstore in the world because everything is free.

I love supporting authors.  Without these people that create such fantastic and magical places, the world would be dimmer, a hollow place.  They inject brightness and color to the humdrum of life and without them, well let’s just say that I would not like to think of a world without them.  Therefore, I try to support them whenever I can. I have shelves upon shelves of books yet to be read and I continue to add to them weekly. I try to show my support by buying their books, talking about them, and blogging about them. One other way to support them is through your public library.  One of your favorite authors has a new book coming out?  Ask your library to order a copy, even if you own one yourself.  The new arrival section is a great way for people to find new authors and  I can’t tell you the number of great books I found while perusing it, ones that I might not have bought otherwise.  This is how I found Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind.

Most libraries have a presence online and allow you browse the stacks virtually and request books.  There is usually a place to suggest a new book.  Suggest all formats; hardcover/softcover, ebook, and audiobook.  Typically when I see a new book release, I always check the to see if the library has a copy, and if not I suggest it, even if I own the title. I like going into the library and seeing a book that I suggested in the new arrival section. It is small thing, I know, but I like to spread the joy of reading to others, and give a signal boost to the authors as well.

It is Saturday, how about a trip to the library?  You’ll never know what you’ll find.

2 thoughts on “Supporting Authors Through the Library

  1. Yes, I LOVE my library! And I’m always suggesting new books for their collection… I’ve been pleasantly surprised that even the ones that aren’t new releases usually get added.

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