Latest Library Haul

Since I was young Saturdays have always meant a trip to the library. This has continued into adulthood and I now share this experience with my kids. Usually we all leave with a full bag each (if library cards were credit cards we’d be in trouble as they are always at the limit). Here are my latest acquisitions.


I have never read anything by Ishiguro but Never Let Me Go has been on my reading list for years.  When I saw The Remains of the Day on one of the shelf displays I decided to give it a shot, not to mention that I have always wanted to watch the movie starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson.  There is something about the title that evoked a certain sadness in me, after reading the back cover I can see why.

I have only read two books in the Shannara series, The Sword of Shannara and the Elfstones of Shannara and I read those way back in the summer I was about the enter high school.  They were pure magic for me and I have always meant to pick the series back up.  Since this is the first book in the Legends of Shannara series, I thought it was a perfect place to start.

I first heard of this book after reading an excellent review on Bookworm Blues. I fell in love with the cover and after seeing in the flesh it was just begging to be read.

I saw this title several months back on Amazon and I filed it away on my to be read list.  It was billed as art Neil Gaiman, part Guillermo Del Toro and part William S. Burroughs.  With that kind of comparison I could not resist.

This is actually the second time I have checked this book out.  The first time I was not able to get it read before it was due back.  It has a long wait list so that is an excellent sign of how good I expect it to be.

I have been patiently waiting for May to arrive and with it the new Harry Dresden book Skin Game.  I was pleasantly surprised when I found this title as I thought I had read all the Dresden graphic novels available.

So, has  anyone been to the library lately?  If so, what did you bring home?  Happy reading!!

8 thoughts on “Latest Library Haul

  1. I haven’t done a library trip in a long time. Largely because I have so many review copies that I’d feel extremely guilty taking out library books when I have I have other things I want to read, especially that are on a time constraint. I miss it, though. Those library trips used to be so much fun.

  2. Intriguing looking book haul. Strangely enough – the only one I’ve actually read (and for that matter the only graphic novel in that particular series that I’ve picked up) is the Dresden File. I quite enjoyed it to be honest. I’m only just starting delving into the world of graphic novels – currently making my way through the Sandman series.
    Lynn 😀

    1. I finished it Sunday and really enjoyed it as well. Harry seemed a little more subdued than in the books but I chalked that up to the events in FOOL MOON (I think this takes place right after that.

      Oh, I loved the Sandman series. It remains one of my favorite graphic novel series. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I haven’t been to the library in years, but regular visits are something I’ve been dying to return to. Now that I’m moving, I’ll have to see what’s in the area and pick up the tradition again.

    The Shannara series was one of my first forays into fantasy. I’d read The Scions, The Druid, The Elf Queen, and…the fourth that I can’t for the life of me remember the name of. I was in middle school when I’d finished, so over ten years later I’m dying to pick up the series from the beginning. You’ve totally increased that urge.

    Meanwhile, I’m a huge sucker for romance, so I feel like I need to check out “Moth and Spark”. My only concern is in how much I’ll like the female lead. In your opinion, does she seem like a down-to-earth, mild character (as much as she can be given the setting), or is she one of those super sassy, sexy, aggressive types that keep showing up in books I’m trying to read? Or somewhere in between?

    Also, Dresden. I hear such wonderful things about this series. I may have to fix the lack of it in my life.

    1. I have not read Moth and Spark yet, but it is next up as soon as I finish Gardens of the Moon (great book by the way). I am really looking forward to it and I’ll let you know what I think.

      Dresden, yes, Dresden. You should really check these books out. They are awesome!

      Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

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