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I have been away from this blog for several months and before that my postings were sporadic.  I have missed what little blogging I did and aim to do more in the future.  Things will change a bit.  This blog will continue to be about what I love most, books, but there will the occasional […]

Today is National Buy a Book Day

Today is National Buy a Book Day.  The rules are simple: Go to a bookstore (brick and motor or online). Pick out a book (physical or e-book). Buy the book. I discovered this on the awesome book review site Grasping for the Wind.  Everyone go out and support and author or even better authors and […]

Why I Review Books

This is is my inaugural blog post I thought I would explain why I like to review books.  I have always been passionate about reading, in fact I can’t remember a time when I did not have a book in my hands.  I read every spare minute I have, at home, waiting on something to print at the office, […]